When NFTs Become More Than Just JPEGS

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“NFTs will change the world”

This is a pretty common saying in the Web 3 space. Can JPEGS accomplish this bold claim? 

To understand how this might occur, let’s take a look at how one project, the Wolf Den, is changing the conversation about NFTs with their Wolf Pups. 

Wolf Pups are an exclusive collection of 5,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Wolf Pup is unique, consisting of 160 possible traits including: background color, fur color, sword type shield type, eye color, and tail color. All fairly standard within the NFT or Web 3 space. As the founder of the Wolf Den states:

“Only innovate where you differentiate. There is no need to change what works, the distinction is in the details that are unique to each person or project”. 

Even though each NFT has a programmed and random rarity, holders can turn their specific Wolf Pup into a “niche celebrity”. The more someone identifies with, follows or learns from a Wolf Pup the more they value the IP. This empowers Wolf Pup holders to create in a way that adds value through entertainment, education, support, etc.

The Wolf Pups may be “born” with an objective value but through contribution and by leaning into their own uniqueness they can rise above. Becoming more valuable to the community regardless of the randomly assigned programmed traits.

Wolf Pup #1 or now known as “Doc the Wolf” is an example of a holder creating their own IP from a Wolf Pup. On February 14, 2023 Wolf Pup #1 will become more than a Web 3 JPEG, he’ll be a published children’s book character.

The book titled, “Turning Pennies Into Dimes” is a reminder that life can be challenging, and sometimes we may forget what truly matters as we try and turn those pennies into dimes. The book was created to appeal to both parties to enjoy story time together. 

For the children: A visually appealing story with a cool wolf character. 

For the adults: A daily reminder that “more” is not always better, sometimes “more” only moves you further away from what truly matters in your life. 

Something is innovative when it’s new and we aren’t sure what to do with it in order to improve our lives, once we understand how to use it to improve our lives it becomes information. 

“NFTs will change the world” won’t be because of the latest technology. Innovation gets the attention, but information is what gets adopted. NFTs change the world when the world starts to understand how they can improve their lives with them. Or, as the Wolf Den would say: help them get closer to what they really want. 

How can these JPEGS be relatable and practical to someone who has only experienced the Web 2 world? An educational children’s book created from a Web 3 JPEG is one step in that direction to bridge the two worlds. 




Pick up your copy today

To learn more about the Wolf Den and their Wolf Pups visit: https://www.wolfdenlabs.com/ 

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