NFT Research Instrument NFT Inspect is closing down.

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What is NFT Inspect?

NFT Inspect is a web3 aggregation and social analytics application that allows makers and collectors of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to obtain real-time data from Twitter through profile images (pfps). It offers a web-based platform and a Chrome extension to provide you with many ways to acquire key social information that might aid in trading decisions.

This tool assesses the present condition of projects by measuring the reach and involvement levels of NFT communities. Furthermore, NFT Inspect may produce critical data such as collection rankings based on public opinion, total volume traded, tweet interactions, and other metrics.

The tool may also help you identify accounts with a large following on Crypto Twitter, which can help you narrow down your search if you are looking to network or recruit individuals of power for your business. These individuals already have a huge and engaged audience, which gives them some clout in the space.

Indeed, tweets and [Twitter] Space conversations are among the most potent marketing tools in web3.

NFT Inspect can be used in two ways:
1.As a browser add-on
2.As a medium,
Both perform somewhat distinct functions, as you’ll see in the following two sections.

NFT Inspect, an NFT research tool, is closing down.

The decision comes as non-fungible token sales and trade volumes decline.

According to a tweet from the project, NFT Inspect, a popular research tool for determining the worth of an NFT (non-fungible token) and the strength of its community, will switch off its virtual lights on January 17.

The team tweeted that they have reached the painful decision that they cannot maintain Inspect moving forward after months of working and revising.

“We want to appreciate each and every one of you for your support during the previous year’s rollercoaster.” NFT Inspect allows users on Crypto Twitter to track the NFTs used in the profile images of the most frequent tweeters. It allows a researcher to observe which NFT projects are popular on Crypto Twitter and highlight changes.

The decision to suspend the project comes as market interest in NFTs has dropped. According to a recent NonFungible analysis, the global trading volume of NFTs decreased 77% from the second quarter to $1.7 billion in the third quarter last year and resale profit decreased by 84% throughout the period.

According to CryptoSlam data, around $650 million in NFTs were sold in December, compared to $2.6 billion in December 2021.

NFT Examine Browser Extension Functions

NFT Inspect is a free Chrome extension AI tool that enhances Ethereum and Solana NFT aficionados’ Crypto Twitter experience. The AI tool can recognise NFTs being used as pfps by individuals on your Twitter timeline, allowing you to obtain rich NFT data from many collections with a single click. It can also tell you whether or not a certain project is a complete hoax, safeguarding you from potential losses.

Once linked, NFT Inspect will ‘brand’ any Ethereum and Solana NFTs in your Twitter feed, including profile pictures and tweets, with the blockchain logos. As seen above, Inspect was able to discover two Just Apes, one Taiyo NFT, and one MAYC.

Furthermore, by clicking on the blockchain logo, you may learn more about the specific NFT. After clicking the logo, I can now get more detailed information such as:

  • Rarity ranking
  • The wallet address of the owner
  • Other members of the community
  • Official social media profiles for the collection
  • The market in which it is (or is not) listed
  • Its current HODL tenure
  • It has characteristics.

The relevance of these bits of information depends on you, but if you’re trading Ethereum or Solana NFTs, you’ll probably find them valuable.

It’s at the very least free and improves your Twitter experience. Once you download the extension, you may view all of this information while browsing Twitter on your desktop. However, if you want to go a step further and obtain even more detailed information, you may use the Inspect platform itself, which is a different website application.

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