Coincheck Group plans to list on the Nasdaq in July 2023.

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Coincheck, a major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, stated on Friday that it aims to list on Nasdaq on July 2, 2023, through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV.

Coincheck stated that its ambitions to pursue a public stock offering in the United States via Nasdaq would provide the company with access to the country’s lucrative capital markets.

Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has confirmed plans to pursue a public stock offering in the United States via Nasdaq, giving the company access to the country’s lucrative capital markets.

Coincheck Business Update

Coincheck provided an update on its business. Initially, it expanded its dominance in Japan by slowly accumulating customers despite the weak crypto asset market.

The exchange subsequently stated that its NFT business revenue for the quarter was $160 million due to NFT market headwinds.

Coincheck also wanted to establish and expand its digital economic world with an eye on Web3, collaborating with appealing producers and artists to create revenue prospects such as sales of exclusive NFTs, tenant fees for land in the metaverse, and growing the Coincheck NFT user base.

Coincheck promotes firms related to crypto assets and NFTs that are spearheading the adoption of Web3 in addition to Coincheck Labs, the blockchain, and the Web3 ecosystem.

The exchange also identified several significant growth prospects that can be explored organically and accelerated through M&A or collaborations.

Coincheck and Hunder Bridge Capital Partners are Merging.

According to the exchange, the move will allow it to expand its crypto asset company by acquiring access to US capital markets, gaining exposure to global investors, and recruiting personnel to accomplish its growth goal. Monex Group, Coincheck’s primary owner, declared in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing.

In March of this year, Coincheck declared its intention to go public. Its merger with Thunder Bridge Capital was valued at $1.25 billion at the time.

SPACs were the hottest way for crypto firms to go public in 2020 and 2021, but the craze has died down this year due to an overall market slowdown and new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) restrictions.

Since June of this year, the SEC has been more careful about the general SPAC process, particularly crypto-related agreements, to improve investor safety.

Since July of last year, Circle Internet Financial, the backer of the “stablecoin” USD Coin, has been attempting to go public with a SPAC called Concord Acquisition (CND).

Coincheck controls 27% of Japan’s Cryptocurrency market.

Coincheck has 1.75 million confirmed accounts, accounting for 27% of Japan’s crypto trading market share, according to financial statistics. However, the company observed a drop in trade volume as a result of the cryptocurrency bear market. Quarter over quarter, total operational revenues fell by approximately half.

Several crypto-related companies have expressed an interest in going public via SPAC agreements. PrimeBlock, a Bitcoin (BTC) mining startup, announced in April that it would go public via a $1.25 billion SPAC. W3BCloud, a blockchain cloud infrastructure provider, announced a comparable price tag for its SPAC merger in August. eToro, a stock and cryptocurrency exchange, had planned a $10 billion merger before canceling the agreement over the summer.


A crypto/SPAC merger is also in the works between eToro Group, an Israeli online brokerage, and FinTech Acquisition Corp. Therefore, V (FTCV), a SPAC backed by veteran financier Betsy Cohen. The merger was called off in early July after the companies were unable to complete the transaction by the June 30 deadline. One of the reasons the deal failed was a failure to obtain SEC permission.

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