New Era For Content Creators To Ranch Their Social Network For The Increasing Earning

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In today’s world, nobody has ever thought of any business without Social media. Whether you like it or not, you have to accept it. Social media has completely changed the world, Now people are enjoying sharing minute details about their personal life whether they are happy or sad they share everything. It is a giant community of people with a niche interest.

It is not only about sharing pictures or videos on Facebook. Now YouTube is all set for the race by providing a platform for vlogs. Thousands of people are connecting day by day, it is not something option for staying in the market.

Social media


Consider that there are more than 42 billion active social media users across the globe. If you are not catering to social media as a big advantage when you are out of the market.

Can you think of any platform which provides such an easy, effective and inexpensive way of reaching the customer? The ability to create a real human connection is one of the key benefits for the market.

However, people are busy sharing their minute details but many fail to see it as a lucrative opportunity for increasing income. Why not use this opportunity to reach our end customers.


SATT stands for (The Smart Advertising Transaction token) It is a platform that provides an opportunity for content creators and advertisers to turn their connection into an income source. This token will be used to govern transactions between advertisers and publishers to make more transparency and safety. It is available for both Binance Smart Chain BEP20 and Ethereum blockchain ERC20. For smoother transactions between content creators and advertisers, you need this token. It is a very safe and easy way for Digital advertising purchases. It is automated by blockchain technology so all the transactions are safe and quick with full transparency.


Yes, you are right this is not a joke. Now social media followers get paid for their tweets, Youtube vlogs, Facebook posts, etc. Can you imagine all these interesting opportunities without social media and the answer is NO? And the best part is that we no longer need a middleman between content creators and advertisers, you can reach end-to-end customers which you never thought be ever possible. This is not just a concept or theory, an organization started accepting this concept and also implementing it. Have you heard of Atayen, it is an American company developing application and this growing company have already started. In starting period, the Twitter proof of concept will showcase the effectiveness of the token while slowly increasing visibility and rewarding the users. The best part of this tool is that the steps of using this tool are kept very simple and effective. Users can stay only by signing into the wallet and selecting the ad pool in which they are interested in after that the next step is for users can submit a post or tweet that encounters the requirement and share their wallet information. Speaking of benefits it’s not the only one besides this it also offers several benefits for the business looking for influencer partnerships. The relationship is not one-sided. SATT allows advertisers to run their campaigns based on a set of rules and conditions, searchable through APIs and ensures transparency. Therefore, the affiliate must meet the criteria a business decides on leaving it up to the oracle to execute the payment.

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