Why do environmentalists wish Bitcoin to follow the path of Ethereum and move to proof-of-stake?

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Everything that takes place in today’s times, needs to take into consideration a lot of factors. These factors are not only related to the field they belong to or are from a technical point of view but are much more important and necessary than that. The environmental factor comes to mind. It is important to take steps that do not affect the environment in any way but performs their purpose without causing much harm to the environment or causing minimal damage to it, if at all.

Reasons for the environmentalist demand to get Bitcoin to follow Ethereum’s footsteps

To understand why the environmentalist is dead set on making a bitcoin shift, one first needs to understand the path that Ethereum has followed that has quite impressed the environmentalists. The transition of the Ethereum blockchain form that of proof-of-work to proof-of-stake has taken a huge step in the preservation of the environment. It has saved almost up to 90% of the electricity it used to consume before. Therefore, it has raised a similar demand to pursue Bitcoin to follow the same track.

What are the steps taken to urge Bitcoin to follow suit?

After the merge took place, the Environmental working group made an announcement that was to make Bitcoin follow the path of Ethereum. In this announcement, it was stated that the EWG or the Environmental working group would be commencing a campaign worth one million dollars to make Bitcoin follow this path.  It would urge Bitcoin to take up green initiatives or measures and to let go of its systems that have already been quite outdated. One example of it is the usage of the PoW. This is not a new concept that the EWG came up with.

Before the campaign against Bitcoin, a similar event has taken place in which the Greenpeace community, launched a petition against Fidelity Investment to get them to adopt the PoS. They called for a transition immediately.

 It was also stated by various leading figures of this green campaign that the various kinds of cryptocurrencies have been working by taking into consideration the several consensus mechanisms for years now. However, Bitcoin has decided to not adhere to any and has let go of the responsibilities it owes to the environment. It has refused to play its role in the preservation and safety of nature and its resources.

How has the merge helped the environment?

There have been various statements made by the environmental authorities regarding there and how it has helped in the preservation of the environment. The merger has helped in saving a lot of energy and has shown that digital assets, with a few necessary changes, would not need to take up the amount of energy they aid to take up before. It has paved the way for many crypto assets to follow and to bring about a new and better environmentally conscious world. However, all are looking forward to Bitcoin’s next move in the same matter.


There have also been reports that have shown the negative side or setbacks of adopting a proof-of-stake system. It has even been stated that a comparison of the two, that is, of proof-of-stake to Bitcoin is rather futile and baseless. There have also been various lawmakers in the United States who have asked to suffer major Bitcoin mining agencies to come up with reports that show how much energy goes into the mining of Bitcoin. They need to show the amount of energy that is consumed, the sources from which they get energy as well as the percentage of energy that is derived from the renewables.

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