Unileague | Combining Blockchain Technologies and Football Fandom Together!

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If you are one of those who love to play and watch football matches then this post is going to take you right into your fantasies. You all can simply earn while enjoying your favorite sport. So, without wasting time, let’s get straight into Unileague.

About Unileague:

Unileague is a blockchain-based, play to earn football coaching game that aims to be the best fantasy football app. It brings together fanatical soccer fans from around the world on the Unileague App, allowing them to play securely with blockchain technology.

The users have an option to build a team of World Cup 2022 players with their limited budget and collect points according to the Unileague scoring system with the real match statistics of the players they selected for their team in the World Cup that week. Users compete with each other throughout the season in weekly, monthly and general classifications with the points they gain. The project has been built on Binance Smart Chain.

To win points in the Unileague, the players in your team must be successful in their real matches. The player who plays well also gets good points in the Unileague. Your players can earn points by actions like scoring, giving accurate passes, making successful tackles and interceptions, etc. The conversion of points made in real matches may vary in each league. All the games have different rules and it is essential that the participant knows they can start to play before the real game is played. These rules will help in player selection and also on whom to play against.

It is safe to state that instead of dealing in different cash models and currencies, the cryptocurrency makes it easy to cash out and deal with any payment much faster, with many more people dealing in cryptocurrency.

Winning Rewards:

You must be waiting for this part, right? Well, the wait is over now, below are the rewards that will be given to the winners in weekly matches.

The weekly prize pool of $5000 worth of $UL tokens will be shared by the top 5 users in the weekly points ranking.

  • $1,500 worth of $UL
  • $1,250 worth of $UL
  • $1,000 worth of $UL
  • $750 worth of $UL
  • $500 worth of $UL

**The winners will be directed to the My Profile section of the application. The information in the profile must be filled in completely. The reward process will start when the user fills in his/her information. The prize will be sent to the Bep-20 wallet provided by the user when filling in their details.

About $UL:

In case you are wondering, $UL is the governance token of Unileague which is built on Binance Smart Chain. Packs that increase your scores can be purchased in $UL. The token will be used within the Unileague ecosystem for staking purposes and for in-app purchases.

Get Started:

Unileague App is accessible on browser. Metamask or TrustWallet and BEP-20 wallet is needed to connect and play. Check out the official trailer of Unileague App: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpe0v43j3vA

Get Connected:

To stay connected for the latest updates, join Unileague socials now!


Twitter https://twitter.com/unileagueapp



E-Mail:          info@unileague.io

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