Triple B Takeover: Bitcoin (BTC) And Binance (BNB) Inspire Big Eyes (BIG)

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Even though the crypto market is expanding and changing all the time, Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance (BNB) have already established themselves as two of the most significant cryptocurrencies in the market. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) appears to be taking cues from both of these market giants in an effort to achieve similar levels of success and dominance.

Ethereum’s throughput limitation—it can only execute 30 transactions per second—prompted the search for alternate approaches. While many famous projects have attempted to address these problems, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Polygon (MATIC), and Binance Coin (BNB) stand out as particularly innovative and successful. Many alternative crypto coins have emerged as a direct result of Bitcoin (BTC), with the primary goal of expanding upon and refining the original concept. Ethereum’s EVM-powered smart contract technology was released not long after.

BNB Is A Major Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Discussion of the BNB must begin with the exchange that hosts it, Binance. Binance has a built-in blockchain network and is one of the largest and most prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms globally.

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Binance’s developers saw that Ethereum’s smart contracts were widely used and sought to add similar features. This was possible because to a fork of the Ethereum code that included some tweaks. Binance Smart Chain is the name given to the new network that facilitated the development of chain-based tools and apps (BSC). Since its inception, the Binance chain has been a Blockchain network built exclusively for the Binance ecosystem.

Binance Blockchain’s Intelligent Transaction System (BSC)

Given that the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was a fork of Ethereum’s technology, developers could quickly port their applications from the Ethereum network to BSC without having to redo a lot of the original code. As Ethereum’s throughput increased, so did that of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To begin, it implemented the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus module (dPoS).

While this does make Binance Smart Chain slightly more centralised, it also considerably increased speed and decreased operational expenses. You may find a wide variety of DeFi resources, apps, and tokens on the Binance Smart Chain right now. When this method was implemented, the 21 people who staked the most BNB coins became validators. It was possible for other users to give any of the top 21 users the authority to validate on their behalf.

Binance Coin (BNB) Token Economics

Binance Coin is the Binance Smart Chain’s native cryptocurrency (BNB). Because it may be used to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem, such as trade, staking, etc., this coin has great value. Payments made with BNB tokens are heavily discounted when used on the Binance platform. Half of these were sold at the ICO event for roughly 15 cents each, bringing in about $15,000,000 for the project. The original team received 40% of the coins, with 20% vesting annually. Binance Coin can be used to pay for products and services at a wide variety of online stores. There was an initial supply cap of 200,000,000 Binance Coins (BNB).

The (MATIC) Ecology of Polygons

Polygon is a low-cost substitute for the Ethereum network. It is a fork of Ethereum designed to address the network’s scalability problems. To make smart contracts work, the Blockchain relies on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is simply a piece of code that runs Ethereum. Polygon (MATIC) is one of the most popular DeFi blockchains due to the accessibility and scalability of its tools for creating DeFi apps and services. The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) module is used as the consensus method in Polygon (MATIC). As a result, the network’s throughput has increased dramatically and can now handle roughly 64,000 transactions per second

Tokenized in the form of the Huge Eyes emoji, “BIG” is the newest fun meme coin.

The trading of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is said to be exciting, novel, and rewarding. Our Blockchain is user- and community-driven, with the goal of safeguarding digital assets and encouraging collective development. This is due to the fact that marine life provides a substantial portion of the world’s food.

The maritime ecology and its delicate aquatic habitats have also been threatened by human activities such as drilling for oil, overfishing, poaching, and pollution. Marine life conservation is a top priority for the crew. There is a compelling use case for the Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which is a community-driven meme coin. As an added bonus, it is dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural world. Defending marine environments is a top priority for the Big Eyes crew.

The Big Eyes Project’s Most Important Components

The cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG) represents everything that is good and noble in feline culture. Besides the Big Eyes fungible token (FUT) collection, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) also includes a non-fungible token collection. Doing so would help the project become a part of the thriving. NFT community, while also providing users with a new way to make money through the sale of tokenized digital assets. Grooming to symbolise the project’s commitment to continuous self-improvement; agility in the face of market volatility; grace and style to demonstrate the coolness of the project; nine lives to illustrate the project’s longevity; and so on.

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