Tensor Raises $3M For Solana-Focused NFT Trading Platform

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The Solana blockchain will be the primary focus of Tensor, a business that has acquired $3 million in seed funding to develop an NFT (non-fungible token) trading platform. Electric Capital was the primary investor in Tensor’s fundraising round, with several others. Tensor will use the funds to complete development of its NFT trading system and increase its presence in the Solana ecosystem. With its maximum bandwidth and scalability, Solana, a fast, low-cost blockchain, has gained favour in recent months. Because of the platform Tensor is developing, customers of Solana will be able to trade NFTs without incurring excessive trading costs. This is a significant benefit over other block chains that impose prohibitive transaction fees, limiting its appeal to retail NFT traders.

Solana-focused NFT trading software Tensor reportedly raises $3 million in seed round lead by Placeholder, as reported by TechCrunch. Alliance DAO, Big Brain Investments, Solana Ventures, and Solana’s Raj Gokal and Anatoly Yakovenko joined the round as well. Solana’s popularity and the need for a cheap NFT trading platform are two of the many variables that will affect Tensor’s platform’s overall success. Tensor’s platform, on the other hand, has the potential to become a key participant in the NFT industry in light of the increasing interest in NFTs and the increasing usage of Solana.

Tensor, a company with three employees, won between $60,000 and $70,000 at two Solana hackathons in 2022. Wu believes that Tensor’s current yearly run rate of over $1 million is more than sufficient to meet all of the company’s financial obligations. It was in 2022 that Richard Wu and Ilja Moisejevs established Tensor, an NFT trading platform with a special emphasis on the Solana token. Traders can take advantage of its many premium features, such as collection-wide bids, market-making orders, and TradingView connectivity. Moisejevs claims that it has 30,000 unique users per month and over $6.5 million in NFT volume in total.

While many Solana initiatives have merely aped Ethereum, “Solana NFTs may be so much more,” Wu added, describing the platform’s goal. He continued, saying that Tensor expects NFTs to become the “next trillion-dollar asset class,” and that the company’s mission is to build the necessary trading and technology infrastructure to support that. When asked about the similarities between their platform and Blur, Tensor responded by saying they aim to be “similar but different” for Solana. The Tensor team, for instance, considers it a core value to be “financially” and “motivationally” aligned with its users and to view them as partners rather than as customers. Some have drawn parallels between Tensor and the Blur marketplace, which recently caused a stir in the NFT industry by instituting a relatively low creative licence rate of 0.5%. After initially testing out modest creator royalty payments, Tensor has shifted to a “fully enforced royalties standard.”

Several 2023 Fundraising Rounds Have Been Successful

Tensor and its users will benefit greatly from this additional round of investment. But, this is not the only Web3 startup to raise money and succeed this year. Many stories regarding recent investment rounds for Web3 ventures have been published on Rare Sniper. Classic online game Neopets, which was launched in 1999, closed a $4 million starting round in February, with Polygon Ventures as the round’s lead investor. The money will be used to develop a play-to-earn game where players can invest in Neopets NFTs and earn cryptocurrency as a result of their participation. This is a rundown of the day’s most important news.

First, in February, Prisms VR, a virtual reality (VR) learning platform, closed a $12.5 million Series A fundraising round headed by a16z. New technologies like virtual reality and 3D experiences are at the centre of the company’s mission to raise the bar for math education in the United States.

Last but not least, “Hub72+ Digital Assets,” a $2 billion fund for Web3 firms, was recently formed by Abu Dhabi’s worldwide technology ecosystem, Hub71. It’s clear that the Web3 industry is a hot topic, with numerous funding rounds being successfully completed. If Tensor can compete with other NFT trading platforms, only time will tell. Yet, it looks that the platform has enough funding to compete for the time being. Binance Labs, the Ton Foundation, and the Venom Foundation have all invested in the fund, which will provide assistance to entrepreneurs at all stages, from inception to unicorn status.

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