Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
Slower than anyone wants, faster than anyone believes is possible

Just two of the many through provoking quotes you will hear coming out of the Wolf Pup NFT powered Wolf Den. Wolf Pups are an exclusive collection of 5,000 unique Wolf Pups. As a Wolf Pup holder you get access to a private community, private events and the pride of displaying your Wolf Pup NFT as your profile picture on your favorite social media platform.

That is all fairly standard in the NFT space and amongst the Web 3 community. As the founder of the Wolf Den states:

Only innovate where you differentiate. There is no need to change what works, the distinction is in the details that are unique to each person or project

Anyone paying attention would agree: the individuals around the web rocking a Wolf Pup PFP are… different.

Wolf Pups are NFT’s, digital collectibles that are transferred, stored and secured on the blockchain. Wolf Pups are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, up to this point all of the purchases and transactions have been done in Ethereum as the currency. The Wolf Den plans to change that, which we will explore later.

Each Wolf Pup has a unique blend of over 160 possible traits including background color, fur color, sword type shield type, eye color and tail color. While they have rarities that are programmed in, the Wolf Den is also changing how NFTs can be valued; another thing for later.

Each trait was carefully chosen by the creators to represent a reflection of the human condition. The Wolf Pup holders that pay very close attention have been posting publicly and in the private communities how much they have learned about themselves and how to interface with others effectively just by being part of the community.

As of today, 4,046 of the 5,000 Wolf Pups have been minted. When you ask the community members why they don’t push harder to get the rest minted the answer is a version of slow is smooth, smooth is fast. The community is far more interested in developing a strong culture that people want to not only be a part of but actively contribute to, than they are in traditional NFT metrics. The byproduct?

Only .6% of the minted wolf pups are listed on the marketplace. Wolf Pup holders don’t want to let go go their Wolf Pups. They’re busy registering them, naming them and creating stories for them, stories that the community is gravitating towards and paying attention to.

The idea is that, although each NFT has a programmatically and randomly designated rarity, holders can turn their specific Wolf Pup into a niche celebrity – the more someone identifies with, follows or learns form a Wolf Pup the more they value the IP, regardless of the randomly assigned programmed traits. The Wolf Pups are born with an objective value, but through their contribution and leaning into their uniqueness they can rise above and become more valuable to the community.

Understanding this, Wolf Pup holders have been empowered to create – specifically in a way that adds value through entertainment, education, support, etc.

The Wolf Den mission is a big one. They’ve already created their naming registry, had multiple in person events and given sneak peeks of their metaverse and gaming platform. The real mission, according to tweets and documents fom the team, is to build a web 3 world of significant contribution through building a publishing platform and publishing purpose driven projects onto the blockchain and into the Guard FDN ecosystem.

They have already published The Guardian Academy, an educational project that thousands of students learning and contributing to the web 3 space and Recovery Punks, a project by Artists for Addicts, committed to changing the global conversation about addiction recovery and connection.

The plan is to move all of the published projects, collaborators and partners over the Guard FDN ecosystem – where they will all use Guard as their primary currency and, together, use the governance structure of the Guard FDN to create a a world of hundreds of projects all working together to use blockchain tech and web 3 community to continue to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

We’re along for the ride.

To learn more about the Wolf Den and their Wof Pups visit:


Guardian Academy
Recovery PunksGuard FDN
Wolf Pup Registry

As a result of community feedback, the NFT rarity ranking protocol has been revised by OpenSea.

As a result of community feedback, the NFT rarity ranking protocol has been revised by OpenSea.

The market-driven rarity structure for specific NFT collections, according to a member of the community, is destroyed by the new rarity ranking algorithm. Rarity ranking of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on an online marketplace may help collectors decide whether or not to purchase NFTs, but some believe that doing so may do more harm than good.

An NFT investor raised a number of concerns about OpenRarity, the new rarity ranking system used by NFT marketplace OpenSea, in a tweet. The community member claimed that including “rank” in the NFT listing without mentioning “rarity” anywhere could be misconstrued.

By enabling the OpenRarity ranking mechanism, the community member said, the Moonbirds NFT collection destroyed its own market-driven rarity structure and transformed every NFT into a “floor Moonbird.” The community member offered the collection as an example. The NFT collector also criticised Proof CEO Kevin Rose for not disabling the OpenRarity rating function for the collection. The proof is the firm that produced Moonbird.

Several days after receiving the suggestions, the NFT marketplace made some adjustments to the ranking system. NFT listings currently show “rarity rank” rather than just the rank. The NFT marketplace has also included a trait count to the ranking algorithm as well as a way to categorise items based on their unique characteristics before utilising any other data to boost their rating.

After the changes, OpenSea indicated that it will make the function for determining rarity available to all chains’ eligible collections. On October 25, the adjustment will go into effect. The most common type of feedback received, according to the NFT market, is questions regarding how to acquire access. To make this access available to more collections, the marketplace will add the feature to each supported blockchain.

On September 21, the NFT marketplace initially developed the NFT ranking system in order to provide collectors with a reliable rarity ranking. The OpenRarity protocol, which aims to standardise the rarity technique across NFT platforms, was developed through cooperation amongst NFT groups.

rarity ranking

There are authorities who argue that the ‘insider trading’ allegation in the OpenSea case is true.

An ex-employee of nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea requested that references to “insider trading” be removed from his charges, but US prosecutors objected to the request.

According to the prosecution, the sentence accurately sums up the offences that former OpenSea product manager Nathaniel Chastain is charged within a memo that was submitted on October 14.

According to Law360, it was in response to Chastain’s motion to stop using the phrase on October 3.

A jury may be swayed by the term “insider trading” if Chastain’s case goes to trial, he claimed, adding that the term is “inflammatory” and has nothing to do with the claims against him.

In August, his legal team also asserted that “insider trading” only applied to securities and not to non-financial transactions, and that the phrase was used to attract media attention and sway the jury’s perception of him. He further noted that the term only applied to stocks and not to NFTs.

The phrase “accurately conveys” the allegations made against him, according to the prosecution, and the term is not “so fundamentally provocative” as to require the “extreme measure” of having it deleted from his charges.

They also criticised his assertion that insider trading solely applied to the trading of securities, calling it a “legal mistake” and an “unduly constricted understanding of the phrase,” and asserting that it can pertain to a variety of frauds in which someone with inside information trades assets.

Before Chastain’s accusations, the phrase “insider trading” had never been used in connection with cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Alma Angotti, a former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawyer, said the possibility of NFTs being categorised as securities in this case in June, not long after Chastain was charged.

What Happens When a Blockchain Dies?

What Happens When a Blockchain Dies?

Death of a blockchain!!! 

Yes, there is a possibility that a blockchain can die and leave behind a lot of stress for people. Before you all over exaggerate, let us tell you that by the term death of a blockchain is the point when all the investors leave it and just a few of them remain. Blockchains, then, are fragile financial ecosystems of investors, validators, developers, users and many other people with their participation directly linked to the block chain token’s appreciation and success. The whole process works in a way that as soon as more participants get involved in it and the activity increases, coin values will also increase, which will result in attracting more users and creating a virtuous circle. However, on the other hand, if a blockchain’s token starts going down, everyone’s decision to support the chain changes with it. If the loss of value appears to be permanent, only a few investors will remain while everyone else will leave. That’s how a blockchain can end up dying

If we look back at the crypto market history then there are many such events that we can consider as the death of the blockchain. Just like the recent market crash, in which the Terra blockchain was the one that was the highly and negatively impacted one. After this market crash, Terra is considered as a dead blockchain. Reason?

Well, the reasons are several but to be clear and simple, the main reason behind it is that it went straight 100% down and now the majority of people don’t trust this blockchain. The millions of dollars of investments of a huge number of people drowned and they just went bankrupt just because of this market crash and now, there is very negative feedback regarding Terra. Terra’s co-founder, Do Kwon, is still attempting to revive the effort and come up with plan B. Even though the team behind Terra is trying hard and coming up with different restoration plans, there is still no chance that it can be back anytime in near future. So yes, we can simply state that Terra blockchain is dead for at least now.

After a blockchain dies…

Now, let’s talk about what happened afterwards.

After a blockchain dies, it can leave long lasting impacts on the whole crypto market. Not just the ones that invested in that particular blockchain will face the circumstances but the entire crypto investors will have to face the negative impacts due to the sudden change in overall market. When a particular crypto asset starts going down with such long jumps then people start panic trading and that affects the overall market. Just like it happens with Terra. To save Terra (LUNA) from going down, the co-founder of the blockchain sold bitcoins worth millions of dollars that turned down the BTC value and created panic among the BTC investors. The value of BTC is still not recovered just because of that. So, you all can imagine how the whole crypto market assets are depending on one another.

There is no prediction about the death of blockchain and it can happen to any chain out there however, the scars it leaves on the hearts of investors can stay there for years

What are the top metaverse coins by market cap to help you trade?

What are the top metaverse coins by market cap to help you trade?

Before we jump into this list it is important to know what meta verse coins are. When broken up, the term meta verse means a virtual world. Most of these coins are a result of various games that monetize the levels of the game with rewards of tokens or coins. To trade in these mete verse you must know the top metaverse coins by market cap.

Let us now get into the list of the top metaverse coins by market cap.

  • ApeCoin (APE) – Its price is 9.49 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 0.99% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 35.01%. Its market cap value right now is more than 2.70 billion dollars.
  • The Sandbox (SAND) – Its price is 1.85 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 2.05% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 14.72%. Its market cap value right now is more than 2.60 billion dollars.
  • Decentraland (MANA) – Its price is 1.20 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 2.73% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 20.31%. Its market cap value right now is more than 2.21 billion dollars.
  • Theta Network (THETA) – Its price is 1.90 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 5.01% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 18.62%. Its market cap value right now is more than 1.90 billion dollars.
  • Axie Infinity (AXS) – Its price is 26.71 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has decreased by 5.39% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 10.12%. Its market cap value right now is more than 1.62 billion dollars.
  • Stacks (STX) – Its price is 0.6996 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 0.73% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 25.02%. Its market cap value right now is more than 917.48 million dollars.
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Its price is 0.8758 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 5.44 % and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 18.79%. Its market cap value right now is more than 774.56 million dollars.
  • Ontology (ONT) – Its price is 0.3894 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 2.64% and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 14.65%. Its market cap value right now is more than 340.13 million dollars.
  • WAX (WAXP) – Its price is 0.1571 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 2.04 % and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 27.36%. Its market cap value right now is more than 310.46 million dollars.
  • Render Token (RNDR) – Its price is 1.19 dollars. In the past twenty-four hours, its value has increased by 4.65 % and in the past seven days, its value has decreased by 22.36%. Its market cap value right now is more than 301.85 million dollars.

With the metaverse’s growing popularity and use, the crypto market has inevitably been introduced there. This article provides a list of top metaverse coins by market cap to help you trade. Also keep in mind, that these values are varying.

The easy process of making money from NFTs

The easy process of making money from NFTs

What are NFTs?

If you’ve been on social media these days, you are sure to have come across a word called “NFTs”. They are gaining wide popularity due to the surge in their trading. People are opting to acquire NFTs and sell them to gain profits. But among all this, have you wondered what exactly an NFT is? What does it do? How is making money from NFTs possible? NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. They are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Let’s break it down a bit. ‘Non-fungible’ essentially means something unique and can’t be replaced; in other words, one of its kind. Here’s an example, if you’re deciding to trade a piece of art such as a painting or a drawing with another person, it is unlikely that the two of you have the same piece. Even if your art is based on the same thing, there are many differences between them. Here, in this case, the art piece is a nonfungible token.

How to make money from NFTs?

Lately, social media has been buzzing with talks of making money from NFTs. But how exactly is that possible?

NFTs have grown valuable as unlike the ETH coins, they serve the extra purpose of saving information. NFTs can take the form of anything digital, digital art being the most popular form.

  • To make money from NFTs, you need to have knowledge of what an NFT is, which has been provided to you. Next, you need to make one and sell it on platforms that you deem most appropriate. After that, you should link your crypto wallet and then finally list it on your chosen platform to sell it.
  • Another way of making money from NFTs is to rent them out. You should keep in mind that these NFTs are irreplaceable and thus cannot be duplicated. In this process, you can give them out for a fixed period in return for money.
  • The most popular way of making money from NFTs is selling them on marketplaces such as CryptoPunks, Raible, Axie marketplace, and OpenSea among many others.
  • Have you ever come across the term ‘royalties’? Royalties are legally binding payment that is given to the original creator whenever their assets get sold or used. This can also be applied to NFTs. Using royalties in the trading market will sure to gain you huge profits.
  • NFTs provide a platform for trading in almost every domain. Trading NFTs in the world of sports can gain profit. They can be used to increase fan engagement, documenting memorable moments of the players and the viewers. They can also be used to sell merchandise.

Trading NFTs is a highly profitable way of making money.  Think of it as a business. A shop seller buys an item at a much lower price than what they sell it for. People have known to make a profit of about a thousand times the original price. Although some NFTs can gain you millions, some of them can also be quite worthless. That’s something you need to look out for.

In today’s market, NFTs are becoming a common way of trade. NFTs are helping people get rid of debts, travel, achieve their dreams, have a stable and secure life, and also provide a lot of money. Even though NFTS has grown popular tremendously, it is safe to say that they are not the mainstream. Better to jump on the ship sooner rather than later. Using NFTs as a way of making money is sure to gain explicable levels of success and profit.

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