Solana Trading Volume Tumbles, Is Bonk Token Responsible?

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Solana Trading Volume Tumbles, what is the reason?

The native currency of Solana, SOL, was selling at $20.98 there at the time of the publication. In the cryptocurrency market, there are approximately 340 meme coins. Trading platforms located in Solana are experiencing a sharp decline in trade volume, which has decreased by almost 18% from the prior month. According to its trading activity, the newly formed cryptocurrency with a dog motif is ranked 2630th.

The Solana blockchain’s initial dog-themed coin was created, called Bonk. The launch took place in the final part of 2022. The token values surged after its launch, while trading activity plummeted. Even though Bonk is merely another meme token, the Solana Blockchain might benefit from its rising demand because it is dreamed of seeing the blockchain succeed.

Others currencies and tokens experienced a sharp gain at first but were unable to keep up with the hoopla; some even vanished. Furthermore, it is too premature to make any judgments about Bonk’s prospects or if it will be responsible for saving Solana.

Reasons for Solana tumbles

Although the shifting market situation was the first catalyst, the structure of crypto investments—which lack significance and necessitates a constant flow of new participants to maintain prices—is what really caused the meltdown. Digital assets known as cryptocurrencies pretend to be currency.
From the outset, rising demand for the idea has driven up the cost of these products, making some early investors wealthy.

They are now typically marketed as financial assets instead of monetary assets as a consequence. But lately, the value of well-known cryptocurrencies plummeted.
We must comprehend the characteristics of cryptocurrencies as assets in order to fully comprehend what is taking place. When evaluating investments in finance, we frequently consider the accompanying future cash flows. For instance, we try to project how much cash a company could produce in the future in order to determine the value of a stake in a business.

There are a few financial assets that don’t generate cash flows yet are nevertheless valuable to investors, like gold. This occurs frequently because considerable historical data shows that their price typically increases when the value of other assets declines. Therefore, using them in an investing strategy can lower the risk for the client.

This may counteract the lower expected value brought on by the lack of cash flows, based on the tolerance for risk of participants. These things are indeed commodities since their owner would still find a use for them despite the fact that nobody wanted to acquire them.
Cryptocurrencies stand out when seen as an investment, but not necessarily in a good manner. They rarely give the owner any rights to free cash flow, seem to not increase in value while other assets decline, and have no intrinsic worth other than the price someone else is capable of paying for them.
This implies that in order maintain prices at their current level, the bitcoin ecosystem needs a constant influx of fresh investment. Prospective buyers who are prepared to pay a greater price are the only ones who can generate good returns.

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This essentially entails making multiple investments using depositor funds, similar to how a partial reserve bank operates where only a portion of deposits are backed by cash. This means that it is available for withdrawal. It is another kind of debt because it creates liabilities.
Simply said, the present decline in cryptocurrency prices is the outcome of this negative-sum, debt-driven economy unravelling. The amount of fresh money that enters the system has decreased due to the growing expense of living, higher interest rates, as well as the return to normalcy following the epidemic.

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