Solana remains a popular rival to Ethereum even after several hacks!

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Ethereum is the world’s second biggest digital currency by market capitalization leaped to the price level of $ 1,347.69 throughout the week and has since mobilized to nearly $1,500. According to the expert’s opinions, the Ethereum latest update to Proof-of-Stake is one of the probable elements behind ETH’s new rise.

For those who don’t know about the ETH update, the main purpose of the upgrade is to improve the network and make it better for its users. This update is being considered as one of the most important ones that can be very beneficial for the whole ecosystem and can completely change it. This may also have long lasting effects on the whole crypto market. 

Ethereum is at the top right now in the digital currency market however, even after going through several hacks, Solana remains a significant rival of ETH.  For those who don’t know it already, just recently, MNGO, which is a decentralized SOLANA platform, was exploited for more than $100 million. The incident was at first reported on Twitter by blockchain reviewers who stated that the attacker successfully took control of their Mango collateral. However, after a while, Mango also affirmed the incident in a tweet by expressing that it was “investigating an exploit where a hacker successfully emptied funds out of Mango by means of oracle price manipulation.

As per Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, they keep on tracking the success of SOL against ETH. And, this is clearly the reason that even after the exploits, they are able to compete with the huge crypto currency platform. He also stated that people consider SOL as an ETH killer even after ETH up-gradation.

However, on the other hand, Bitcoin, by all accounts, seems to be following Ethereum’s footpath. While the chances seem to incline toward the bulls, a break of support levels could flag a nullification of the bullish thesis. ETH must need to hold to the price level of $1,400 in order to keep away from a downswing to $1,300. Likewise, in the event that BTC experiences a dismissal at $22,600, it could experience a fall down to $21,400.

Be it SOL, ETH or BTC, all the top coins are trying to do their best in the current situation. In the clash of all these top crypto currencies, let’s see who will be at the top in the coming days.

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