Nzvedaz Big Five – NFT platform revealing African art to the wider audience!

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You all must agree to the fact that NFTs are taking over the crypto world quite rapidly. Today, we have several NFT platforms to choose from and trade the NFTs. However, have you ever thought about it that there was not a single NFT platform in Africa till now? But, the wait is now over for the people of Africa because an exclusive NFT platform is going to get launched on 1st October, 2022.

Nzvedaz Big Five Token:

Nzvedaz Big Five Token (BFT) is the first African NFT marketplace that will enable the creation and trading of NFTs by African and international artists who might have faced bottlenecks in accessing already existing platforms.  The marketplace is backed by the $BFT token which will be the trading currency on the marketplace. 

Nzvedaz Big Five Project aims to bring exclusive art and artifacts from Africa’s prominent artists across the whole industry spectrum from musicians, to dancers, writers, actors, painters and sculptors. Nzvedaz Big Five NFT Platform aims to equalize the art market especially for African Artists by offering a platform in which they can mint/digitize and monetize their art.

Being the first African NFT marketplace, the Nzvedaz BFT ecosystem present an easy to use, efficient and fast paced network to NFT creators, buyers as well as collectors. This is Africa’s first NFT platform and no doubt that it will make its own unique space in the NFT and crypto currency world with its consistent struggles.

The Big Five NFT Marketplace:

Their NFT marketplace is build on Binance Smart Chain and it ensures that ownership of art or artefacts will benefit from the security of blockchain. A decentralized marketplace for original African art in digital form or newly minted NFTs, the digital assets can be traded on the platform. All art forms can be digitized, from painters, to musicians, writers, actors and sculptors. The Big Five is first NFT place dedicated to African art.

In their marketplace, Nzvedaz BFT will enable every artwork to have a corresponding contract NFT, which would function as both its certificate of authenticity and certificate of ownership.  The contract NFT will be attached with the artwork in the form of linking serial number or QR code. The platform will accept all kinds of 2D, 3D images or models and will also accept internet domains to music albums. They will trade directly and leverage confidently with any user on the platform through automated smart contracts hosted in the public and proven BSC environment. All the transactions will be cheap, secure and fast.

There are many other amazing features of their NFT Marketplace such as advanced token search, storefront, filters, creating listings, listing status, bidding options and ratings.


$BFT will be issued and distributed as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Listings from users with verified $BFT token holders will receive increased exposure and listing priority on the BFT marketplace.  Creators verified with $BFT token will also have higher limits when issuing and distributing their content.  Users will be able to obtain $BFT tokens on sale on Pancakeswap after TGE (token generation event).

Nzvedaz $BFT Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Big Five Team: 15%
Marketing and Operation Cost:  10%
Initial Circulation: 25%
Business Development & Special Projects: 12.5%
Liquidity Provision:  12.5%
Locked Reserve: 25%

The launch of this first African NFT Marketplace will surely do wonders for the crypto world and it will cast a huge positive impact on the whole Africa allowing more people to add into the crypto community. So, if you are looking forward to get connected to this marketplace, you can always check out their website by clicking here.
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