Let’s take a look at how Google celebrated the Ethereum merge with a nifty Easter egg

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With the Ethereum merge about to take place there has been a lot of hype around it with different organizations and companies, adopting new creative methods to put forward their creative sides. Google has also aspired to do the same and has made a remarkable and interesting move in this sphere. It has come up with new features that are supposed to be added. There are just two days left for the big merge to occur. It is an event that has been waiting for a long time and the Ethereum community cannot keep its calm.

How did Google show its support for the Ethereum merge?

With the merger coming soon several companies and brands have come up with various creative ideas to celebrate the much-awaited event. Google, one of the top companies in the world has also tried to show its support for the upcoming merger with great enthusiasm. It has now started waiting for the merge by utilizing the time or marking the time that is left till the event, with the creation of a new countdown timer.

Let’s take a look at how this countdown timer works

Many must be wondering about the significance of the timer or the function of the timer. This section answers all the questions that people or users must be pondering over, especially those who have been awaiting this merge as much as other brands and the community have. When one types anything that includes any mention of the merge, then the countdown timer appears which displays the time left for the merge to occur. the time displayed is not accurate but am estimated one that is based on three factors. These three factors are as follows:-

• The prevalent difficulty.

• The hash rate.

• The difficulty in the merge.

That is not all the search bar displays but other things such as two pandas on the side. These happy pandas are seen running toward each other with their hands outstretched. The best thing about these pandas is that as the time of the merge gets closer and closer the pandas shall also get closer. It is a special element that Google added to show its support for the merger that is going to be reformational and amazing. It has been said to be one of the best changes that are about to occur in the crypto market for a very long time.

Ethereum merge

What did the authors at Google say?

The authorities at Google have even shared their comments on the merge that is going to happen and the changes that Google has made to welcome it. Sam Padilla, the developer of google cloud mentioned through a tweet that the timer was just a funny way of showing their acceptance and encouragement for the new change that is going to occur. They have also mentioned that they appreciate the amount of work that has been put into bringing this vision of the merge into life.


Even though all of the work that has been put into Google’s introduction of the fun new element was done by Google’s search and lab teams, ur was Sam Padilla whose idea led to it all. He has also stated that time has a direct relation to the merge. With time, Google is getting more and more involved in the cryptocurrency industry. It has even established a Web3 team for the Google cloud. But the developers at Google are not the only ones who are keeping a watch over it with a lot of enthusiasm and interest. The search for Ethereum merge has scored more than 50 in recent times.

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