Know how FV Bank has integrated USDC stablecoin for depositing directly

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As the crypto market is growing, better ways are getting carved out to facilitate the growth of the industry and to enable different types of crypto exchanges in the market. Various financial platforms have come together to come up with newer ways to accept payments and deposits in the form of crypto to encourage the use of this particular medium of exchange that is relatively new in the financial system. For example, FV Bank, otherwise known as the global digital bank has devised a new method wherein it can now accept deposits in the form of USDC coins which are circle-backed.

An analysis of the initiative taken by FV Bank

Recently, the FV Bank made a declaration that has even been referred to as a revolutionary decision in the crypto industry. It has now made provisions for its users to make deposits in the form of USD coins. These deposits can even be done to the US dollar accounts of the bank. With this new feature, users have now been able to get deposits or accept USDC quite easily into their accounts without much fuss.

A brief analysis of the USDC process

One might wonder about the whole process that goes into making it a success. This article has tried to very briefly give an overview of the whole system. After the USDc gets deposited in the account, it, almost immediately, gets changed into US dollars. This new method has provided a scope for the FV Bank users to generate an invoice that would directly go to clients from all around the globe.

It has not only accommodated faster transformation of USDc but has also provided a better, quicker, and cost-effective way of making transactions. Thus, it has been referred to by many as one of the most vital steps in the growth of the crypto industry.


Comments made by the authorities regarding the initiative

There have been various positive feedbacks and comments that have been doing the round for a long. Numerous factors made USDC the better option for this process. There have been various other initiatives that FV Bank is looking forward to in the year 2022. For example, it has a vision of introducing custody services in Q2 in the year 2022. This would facilitate a way for customers to not only own a depository account but also have a custodial account for all their digital assets.

A look at FV Bank and its features

As mentioned above, it is a global market that is quite friendly to use for crypto users. It is governed by the Commissioner’s office of Financial Institutions which is situated in Puerto Rico. In the year 2021, it tried to introduce custody services, which somehow did not manifest. It was a decision that was taken by them after witnessing the way the Banks of the United States such as Standard Chartered worked. It has so far been able to achieve all that it had set out to achieve.

However, the only setback or the only downtime it faced was during the crypto winter which had hit the market quite brutally.


The firm has been able to grow its market tremendously, despite the bear market that the whole industry is facing right now. Even though there have been various well-established agencies that have come up with new ways to support the USDC, there have been some who have backed out of using it. This includes some of the big names such as Binance which has not delisted USDC citing various reasons. Many others have followed suit and have backed out of it as well. However, it still is on its path toward development.

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