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With the changing world, we are more dependent on the internet whether it is information or for entertainment purposes, for chatting to the closed one or uploading pictures everything is now dependent on the internet. We are consuming every piece of information on this platform but have you ever wondered if the data we see, we consume is the right data? Or it is manipulated.

Whenever you open any platform like Facebook or YouTube you will notice that there are several ads do pop up on the screen whether you like it or not you have to watch it which is a restrictive set of rules that as users we have to follow. Our data is collected from these platforms which are then sold by advertisers or can be used by government parties for their benefit.


This is the big issue that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are having governance over content, they collect the data and sell it to other parties and they also manipulate data according to their benefits. Have you ever noticed the things you search for are starting to pop out for-ex when you search for any lipstick shade you will notice that you will find notifications of lipsticks that will force us to buy lipstick?

Yes, this is the proper use of our data which will further be used by companies to increase their profit, Government parties use our data to increase their promotions to fill their vote bank. But the problem is we as a consumer don’t know that our data is stolen and used against us to manipulate us.


Content creators are forced to follow a certain set of rules. Nowadays content creators and artists face these issues as they have a limited amount of ownership and also follow the guided set of norms if not their content will be out of the market.

With the help of decentralized media, it gets the power to content creators to freely upload their work without taking any permission from third parties which is a very helpful tool for artists and creators to showcase their talent without any restrictive rules.


We have already gone through problems that are faced by traditional media but with the addition of blockchain technology in media, we will solve this issue. Blockchain provides transparency, security, immutability, and also privacy.

Blockchain works with the help of a decentralized network of computers all around the world which is not controlled by a single entity and also data is stored in the form of blocks that can not be deleted and also all the data is mathematically verified and cryptographically hashed but the best part is every owner has its private key which will almost impossible to hack.

With the help of blockchain tools, the data miners can’t hack data and sell it to a third party which is great news for everyone.


Now it’s time to shift our media from traditional to decentralized one as traditional media we have already faced so much difficulty our data is manipulated, even our personal information is hacked like location, pictures and so on which is not acceptable. In many countries, many apps are banned due to this reason one popular app TikTok is very famous but in America, it got banned as it stole our information even if not use their app.

But with the help of decentralization control is not on one hand and also it provides privacy to our data which is what we needed.

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