Here is when Shiba Inu (SHIB) will debut its WAGMI temple at SXSW.

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The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, which has been making headlines in the cryptocurrency community, will unveil its new WAGMI Temple during the forthcoming SXSW conference.

The official Shiba Inu account on Twitter made the announcement, much to the delight of its burgeoning fan base. If you’re not acquainted with the term, WAGMI stands for “We’re all going to make it,” a catchphrase used by Shiba Inu fans and the larger crypto community to express their optimism about the future success and expansion of cryptocurrencies.

Within the greater Shib Metaverse project, the WAGMI Temple, as stated by Shiba Inu, will serve as a centre for health and wellbeing. A project called the Shib Metaverse seeks to build an engaging Shiba Inu environment that people can engage with, explore, and use. When different phases of the project are implemented, every Shiba Inu-related token, including SHIB, LEASH, and BONE, will be crucial.

Shiba Inu has stated that a special, enjoyable, and exciting manner for users to earn prizes would be introduced to the Shib Metaverse. The renowned SXSW festival, an annual event hosted in Austin, Texas, is known for its varied selection of programming that crosses a variety of art disciplines, ranging from cinema and music to interactive technology and beyond.

One of the festival’s XR Experience Spotlights will be Shiba Inu’s WAGMI Temple, with a global debut scheduled for the Congressional Ballroom at Fairmont during the festival’s XR Experience Program. The four-minute showing will happen over the course of three days, from March 12 to 14. Marcie Jastrow and Sherri Cuono are the directors, and David Kern and Brandie Konopasek are the producers. The Third Floor, Rocksalt Interactive, Saffronic, and Departure Lounge are in charge of production design, while Q Department New York is in charge of sound design and music. Although the screening is expected to be brief, it marks an important turning point for the Shiba Inu community and the Shiba Metaverse project.

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The aforementioned transactions, according to Etherscan, were executed via prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms KuCoin and Binance. 3,999,499,999 SHIB were transported in total by the first one. 8,850,930,915 SHIB were transferred in the second transfer. Yet, nearly 90 billion Shiba Inu tokens have passed through the second wallet in the last 24 hours. The payments came from Binance, Coinbase, and OKX, three of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Strangely, the wallet relocated every SHIB lump to a different address as soon as payment was received.
Yet, the data reveals that the first wallet had purchased more than one four billion lump from KuCoin. There have been three SHIB quantities with the same value in the last 24 hours.

According to recent reports from U.Today, whales just bought 92 billion and 384 billion Shiba Inu, however, the chief developer of SHIB Shytoshi Kusama has insisted that the beta version of Shibarium would be released as soon as feasible.
Increased SHIB adoption via Binance Recently, U.Today reported that SHIB and other cryptocurrencies have become accepted forms of payment at fast food chain Wendy’s and more than 600 other businesses in the state of Georgia owing to a recent collaboration established by Binance exchange and its Binance Pay service. These include upscale inns, eateries, and marketplaces. and Binance Pay have a partnership. This platform enables companies to exchange their goods and services for virtual currency.

The WAGMI Temple Will Be Presented on Stage by SHIB Devs

After excitedly announcing that they had been granted entry to this year’s SXSW XR Experience, the VR/AR experience exhibit in Austin, Texas, Shiba Inu’s team posted a Twitter riddle from Shytoshi Kusama only a few days ago. On March 6–9, 2023, there will be three days of the annual VR/AR technology summit.

In addition, the developer team for the SHIB Token will have a separate booth at the event. However, the first presentation of WAGMI (We’re All Gonna Make It) will be the conference’s main attraction. The SHIB: The Metaverse Web3 project, which consists of 11 HUBs created for various activities within the metaverse, contains the WAGMI Temple as its initial component.

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