From Rags To Riches Shiba Inu Is Back With New Metaverse Game

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Metaverse is the talk of the town right now. This project pushed the boundaries of the gaming industry where the community is more than players.

What Is Metaverse?

Don’t know what the meta is? That’s okay I’m not sure anyone does. But Meta formally known as Facebook, Microsoft, and more is defined as the virtual world which is the next phase of the internet. It is a world where we have digital versions of ourselves which are called metaverse. You can do whatever you want to like you can get together with friends and family, work, dance, play, shop, etc.

Shiba Inu In Metaverse?

Shiba Inu is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world. It is the second meme coin in the world and it is looking to expand its presence in the crypto world. It is not only famous just because it is doing something but people are just excited about the meme currencies in general what exactly is the meme currency? Well, the meme currencies as the name indicate the currencies which are based on memes. These currencies do not have any real-world utility or any intrinsic value. But there is only one reason people are investing in these currencies is because of the low price point and hype around these coins.

Shibu Inu founder Ryoshi revealed that the Shiba Inu is expecting to undergo a massive burn in the coming weeks. Shiba is the first cryptocurrency to enter Metaverse. So yes they are stepping out and this is very exciting news for everyone. For the proper implementation of this project, we need blockchain technology and crypto. In this new virtual world, we can do everything we can think of. But many are not sure of safe transactions in this virtual world so for this we have to make sure that we have proper safety and security in doing virtual payment which is only possible by blockchain technology.

Ever Herad Of Legends Of Bezogia?

This is a completely different virtual world where assets are owned by the players. Its main purpose is to entice the game Fi community by blending De Fi, blockchain technology, and non-fungible tokens into one package. These tokens in the game can be converted into game items that give real-world value, but it takes some time as it is currently in the Alpha testing stage and will be available on Pc, with androids, Mac, and IOS versions coming soon.

Legends of Bezogia, created by Bezoge earth has won support from a no of crypto influencers including the” Shiba brothers”.

Tommy and James had gone viral after their $7900 investment in SHIB which increases the value. According to CNN, the value of their crypto wallet was worth a staggering $9 million at a point. They are so inspired by the idea and the love of gaming that they decided to join the Benzoge Earth project. They believe it has the potential to be the next Shibu.


The Benzoge community is not just about players it is more than that, they are helping to build the game and also taking decision-making part for the future. They explained, “We joined the Bezoge Earth project because we believe that the become community is building the game, so instead of just being players, they are part of the company making decisions and this is exciting.” Surely it changes the whole gaming world into an amazing experience that you never thought before ever be possible. Now you are not only players but also decision-makers.

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