Failed attempt of Crypto entrepreneurs to capture Elon Musk’s attention with $600,000 goat statue!

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The crypto entrepreneurs have filed to attract Elon Musk despite having a $600,000 goat statue. Elon Musk is currently the wealthiest person in the world and the owner of some of the world’s most popular businesses.

On 26th November, the statue was delivered to Tesla’s Austin headquarters. The 30-foot, 12,000-pound metal sculpture of Elon Musk was made as a publicity stunt by the co-founders of the meme coin Elon Goat Token (EGT). CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has apparently treated a $600,000 statue of him in a goat structure with utter ignorance.

Statue’s Structure:

The statue is enormous, standing 30 feet tall and weighing approximately 12,000 pounds. It is entirely made of metal, according to reports. Additionally, a Dogecoin is attached to a dog collar that the statue wears around its neck. According to the EGT whitepaper, the statue’s specifics indicate that the statue’s conceptual design was drawn and rendered in Los Angeles. In addition, it was ensured that the statue could be transported by road, and it was transported to the Tesla headquarters on a 50-foot semitrailer.

Reason behind the publicity stunt by the crypto entrepreneurs:

The EGT founders planned the massive publicity stunt and they justify their bizarre act of trying to entice the billionaire by claiming in the project description that they are “Elon Superfans.” However, according to many crypto enthusiasts, the stunt is done completely for the marketing purposes of the meme coin and to increase the hype of EGT. As we have seen earlier that Elon is supporting a popular meme coin i.e. Dogecoin so it was supposed that this meme coin will also gain some attention from Elon Musk but it doesn’t look like it’s happening at the moment.

EGT founders were attempting something that no other crypto project has attempted before, according to their website’s project description. However, despite their arduous efforts, their plans did not appear to accomplish the primary objective. Despite the fact that Musk did not publicly acknowledge the stunt, the statue received extensive media coverage, including likes from The Washington Post, Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal.

Elon GOAT Token community expressed disappointment on Telegram that Musk did not acknowledge the crowd-funded statue bearing his likeness. Some users expressed frustration at the billionaire’s lack of response in-person and on Twitter, while others speculated that Musk was “definitely accepting” the project due to the fact that Tesla security had not removed the statue from outside its gates. Both of these scenarios were based on the fact that the statue was still there. Many publicity stunts were seen in the crypto world recently but this one was surely a new and interesting one that sadly didn’t gained Musk’s attention.

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