Bitcoin Sinks Below $17,000

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Bitcoin, Market News, News | 0 comments

The recent FTX collapse has affected the entire crypto industry and most of the big coins are going down when it comes to their price. Just recently, we have seen the sudden crash of Bitcoin sinks below $17000 which looks quite alarming to all Bitcoin holders. While on the other hand, for the people who were thinking to buy BTC, it may be a good time for them since they are now less expensive than their value before the collapse.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has been struggling to allow withdrawals as the market embarks on a turbulent week. CoinMarketCap data shows that the value of the cryptocurrency market fell 3.8% to $851.6 billion on Monday. Not just the Bitcoin sinks, there are many major coins that are also affected including ETH. Both the crypto Market pioneers Bitcoin and Ethereum were down 6%, as indicated by the data gathered from comics. That slid down the bitcoin’s cost to $16,681 from $21,304, a 22% downfall, while ether went straight 24% down to $1,240 from $1,627.

The FTX token was exchanging at $2.65, addressing a loss of almost 90% over the course of the week. Binance coin went to $281.72, carrying its loss of one week to 21%. Fanning the fire, Changpeng Zhao, the President of the opponent Binance exchange, consequently stated on Twitter that he wanted to strip FTX tokens then worth about $580 million.

Changpeng was an early financial backer in FTX and got tokens last year in return for his value in the other exchange. Not just the crypto industry, the FTX collapse has also badly affected US stocks. A US bank i.e. “Silvergate Capital” that lends to the crypto industry also fell 5.1% due to this misfortune.

Despite all these things going on in the crypto industry, investors are waiting for the bull market to make everything go great. We don’t know how much longer it will take to get into the bull market but we are sure that the time is not too far. Till then, you can take advantage of this mishap and get the coins while they’re still recovering, because they’ll likely be a lot more valuable in the future. Invest now and enjoy your profits in the future. There are risks in every investment, but with a long investment horizon, you can protect yourself against any short-term market movements.

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