5 Major Events That Must Happen For Ethereum To Reach 100k Transactions Per Second

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Slow transition speed and high cost have been two of the biggest hurdles for Ethereum. The platform focuses on decentralization and security. Though there is a lack of scalability. Hence, there is always a spike in traffic, and transaction speed and cost also tend to be solved. At the recently held Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris, co-founder Vitalik Buterin stated that the network was only “40 percent complete”. The reasons were the hurdles.

Buterin anticipated a future where Ethereum can hit the speed of 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). Buterin has also mentioned five key events that required it to happen. What the events mean for Ethereum, and how much time it will take, all are going to be explained in this article.

Overview Of The Merge :

The Ethereum community and developers consider the Ethereum Merge as one of the most critical and remarkable upgrades in the history of cryptocurrency. It is going to shift Ethereum’s consensus protocol from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS). The upgrade will automatically render mining obsolete along with shifting to staking for block validation and addition. This merger will massively decline the energy consumption of the network. According to some predictions, the power requirement is going to decrease by 99.9 percent.

This upcoming merge is wished to increase throughput. But the improvement is not predicted to be very massive. Ethereum developers are expecting the transaction speed will increase by a maximum of 10 percent. It will reduce the fee.

The Surge :

The move to PoS alone may not impact a massive enhancement in transaction speeds. But, it will open up the ways for future innovations, like sharding. It will massively affect the network performance.

Sharding is the secondary blockchain branch. It helps to process some transactional data and reduce the pressure on the mainnet or main blockchain. It will raise the throughput along with helping to bring down gas fees. An official Ethereum blog post noted, that Sharding should occur sometime in 2023. It will depend on how quickly and smoothly the Merge will work.

What Is The Verge :

The Verge refers to the technical updates like ‘Verkle proofs’ and ‘clientless states’. The updates are wished to optimize storage on the Ethereum blockchain. It also reduces node size. This helps to enable any network participants with a laptop along with a few megabytes of space to join in the validation process. 

About The Purge :

This stage starts with ‘purging’ previous data that is not needed at present time. This process will decrease file sizes enough. It is for tiny computing units such as mobile phones to be able to run Ethereum nodes because of the need for low storage. 

The Splurge Explained :

This stage is associated with minor changes. It will be done to ensure that the blockchain will be there permanently and run at its maximum capacity. Additionally, the assumption is that by this stage, the user will have a version of Ethereum that will be the best. It can be or can continuously process close to 100,000 transactions. presently, the network is actively searching for potential issues including preparing for emergencies.

Conclusion :

The Merge is a crucial and remarkable milestone for the Ethereum network, regardless of the whole crypto market. Though, this is not the ultimate destination. There is a long way waiting to climb before Ethereum is 100 percent complete. But, mainly the reduction of fees and increase in transaction speed is going to help out the users across the network. Bitcoin is continuing with the PoW mechanism, but Ethereum’s improvement led major users to shift into the network.

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