According to reports, Data of accounts of 400 million Twitter users were available for purchase on the black market.

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One of the world’s largest user data leaks? Hudson Rock, a cybercrime business, stated that 400 million Twitter users’ personal information has lately been sold on the black market. Along with Vitalik Buterin and Donald Trump, the French Ministry of Justice has been targeted.

Twitter data has been leaked.

This information was provided to us by the cybercrime business Hudson Rock. According to their statistics, more than 400 million Twitter users’ personal data are presently for sale on the dark web’s illicit market. This data leak is considered a “credible danger” by the firm. This hacker’s collection of sensitive data includes email addresses and phone numbers used to create accounts on the social network.

There are certainly powerful people among the 400 million possible victims. In reality, the hacker’s selling announcement is accompanied with an example of 1000 lines. These individuals and organisations include Vitalik Buterin, a renowned co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Donald Trump, and even the French Ministry of Justice.

According to Hudson Rock, the hacker obtained this information in early 2022 as a result of a weakness discovered in the Twitter programme. The intelligence organisation, however, does not believe it can authenticate the validity of every line in this database.

DeFiYield, on the other hand, examined the 1,000 rows provided by the hacker as an example and claimed that this sample indeed matches the genuine data. However, it is astonishing that a data breach was not discovered earlier by Twitter personnel and Elon Musk when he purchased the firm, especially given the social network’s 450 million monthly active users.

Elon Musk was summoned by a hacker at Black Market.

If this data breach is accurate, it might pose a serious problem for crypto ecosystem actors that operate anonymously — or pseudonymously — on Twitter, as their identities could be disclosed. Scammers face an even larger risk, as they may face legal consequences for their actions.

Of course, the majority of users are at risk. Malicious actors might use these email addresses to conduct phishing attacks. Indeed, email is still a popular way for scammers to take cryptocurrency or NFTs. In addition to selling the data file, the hacker contacted Elon Musk. He promised him $276 million in order to prevent the sale of the data and a sanction from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) agency.

As a reminder, the CNIL fined Uber in 2018 for leaking sensitive data on 57 million users, including 1.4 million on French territory. Some of the consumers involved thought the fine, which amounted to 400,000 euros for the French company, was too low.

Let us utilise this chance to reinforce an essential point: it is critical to be as cautious and diligent as possible as you progress in the Web3 environment. Ensure that your various accounts are secured using the two-factor authentication method, that your passwords are updated on a regular basis, and that your cryptocurrencies are stored securely.

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